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    Bridging the Gap

    Between Life & Living

    Specializing in Self-care Regimen, Personal Growth,

    and Healthful Living for Parents, but serving All!

  • The "Who"

    Sublimation |ˌsəbləˈmāSHən| noun : a purification or refinement

    Sublimation Coaching is in the business of Personal Evolution. My mission is to help my clients find balance between Life (responsibilities) and Living (freedom) so they can become the best version of their Self they most desire to be.


    I specialize in helping parents create regimen of Self-care that serve as an impetus for Personal growth and Healthful living. This three-pronged approach has been proven countless times to lead to Self-love (not the narcissistic kind), contentment, confidence, and Peaceful living, among other things.


    Sublimation Coaching is a practice for people who are serious about change. In order for this method to be successful, the individual needs to be an active participant in creating real, and sometimes terrifying, changes. It is in these moments of fear and challenge where true growth occurs.


    My coaching style is Client-centered and -directed; that means you determine in which direction our sessions move. Together, we will work to create meaningful, manageable goals that are achievable at your pace.


    I provide services to a wide variety of clients; from working professionals on the West Coast, to stay-at-home moms on the East Coast, and everyone in between.


    Sign up now for your FREE 45 minute consultation to see if Coaching is right for you, and whether Sublimation Coaching is ideal for your needs.

  • Rita Haddad, MA, CLC

    Wife, Mother, Art Psychotherapist, Certified Life Coach,

    Artist, Poet, University Lecturer, Scuba Diver, Quilter, Scrapbooker,

    All-Things-Creative Enthusiast


    I started Sublimation Coaching

    because, as a SAHM of two, I know how tough it is to find the time or energy to do anything for myself. I often feel like I have nothing left to give to myself at the end of my long days.


    Sublimation Coaching is my way of helping myself and other parents learn to care for ourselves, so we can become the best people, partners, and parents we can be.


    Dare to begin your Journey today!

    It is my goal

    to help my clients achieve a more well-balanced Lifestyle and higher quality of living, simply by caring for themselves.


    To make the task less monotonous, I love to re-teach adults how to have fun as part of the process. I do this by incorporating the Creative Process into our work together.


    The most common way to do this is by assigning simple homework assignments as needed throughout your Coaching commitment.

    We live in a society of long hours and short days,

    giving to others and taking from ourselves.


    I believe that Self-care is the most important factor in determining our health, contentment, and motivation for future successes, big and small.


    If we do not nurture ourselves through Healthful Living and strive for Personal Evolution, then the Journey can be long and tedious, and that’s no way to spend the 

    Gift of Life that we are given!

  • The "What"

    Art Therapist

    Personal Evolution Coach

    My unique and specialized training in Creative Arts Therapy

    makes me an expert in Creativity, Imagery, Imagination, and Play.

    I've found a way to integrate these tools into my Coaching practice to maximize your experience and benefits from the Coaching process.

    Sublimation Coaching seeks to bridge the gap between Life and Living;

    you know, that place we so often find ourselves feeling "stuck", between our responsibilities and our need for freedom?


    Using Creativity, Imagery, Imagination, and Play as part of your Coaching experience is exactly how we will work together to lessen that gap, which will in turn increase fulfillment in your Self and your Life.



    One-to-one; Peer; As-needed Coaching

    I offer a variety of settings in which your Coaching sessions can take place.  Find the one that best suits you and sign up!


    One-to-one coaching will give you that personalized experience that so many want and need.


    Peer coaching allows you to both coach and be coached by your peers - fellow parents who are walking a similar path. The feedback and shared experiences are priceless, which makes this a desirable option for many.


    As-needed Coaching happens on a per-session basis for those with short-term goals. There is no long-term or monthly commitment.

  • Face-to-Face

    I would love to work face-to-face with anyone living in close proximity of the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill Triangle in North Carolina.


    To do so, we would agree upon a quiet, private, and neutral place where we will hold our scheduled sessions.


    In this way you have the tangibility of a shared experience with another person, which may enhance the dynamic of your sessions.

    Phone &/or Video Chat

    For my clients that live far and wide, I offer Coaching services via phone call or video chat. These seem to be the most common and convenient ways to meet, especially for those with long working hours and/or little ones at home.


    Coaching by phone or video gives you nearly the same experience as face-to-face, while still allowing for flexibility and ease.

    The choice is yours to make!

  • The "When"

    View my availability and choose your appointment time!

    I am a mom, first and foremost,

    which means my days are full and active caring for my family.

    I am currently accepting 50-minute appointments between the hours of 6:10-7:00am, 8:00-10:00pm.


    You can view my calendar here.

  • Client Testimonials

    My clients range from West Coast working professionals to

    East Coast stay-at-home Moms, and everyone in between!

    Feeling "Lost"

    Within a two month’s period ...

    I was 'back on my feet' 

    I worked with “Coach Rita” for about 3 months. I have always been a very disciplined and goal oriented person, so when my life started getting too hectic at work, too burdensome in my relationship, and too empty of “taking-care-of-me-time”, I hit a wall and had to acknowledge I needed some guidance to get back on track.


    I was a little timid because I am a very private person, but Rita really creates a safe environment and comfort zone that allowed me to open up about my anxieties and concerns without feeling hesitant.


    Her guidance is optimal, because as she worked with me I felt she was guiding me into myself again… sort of walking me through who I am, what I wanted in life, where I wanted to be, and how to get there.


    Within a two months' period, with Rita’s guidance, I was “back on my feet”, moving through life differently, with a healthier pace, and more positive outlook. I felt less tired, less stressed, and much happier. The term “Life Coach” fits her quite well!



    University Professor

    Long Beach, CA


    Overwhelmed & Unhappy

    (Rita) is my new Oprah!

    In the short time I worked with Rita, she helped me realize so many things about myself, my life, and my role as a parent. I was feeling so overwhelmed and unhappy, trapped almost, when we began working together.


    Rita speaks with wisdom, and from experience. Her words clicked in my mind and things began to really take shape from the beginning. Together we created a plan for me to make important changes in my life and in the ways that I parent. I no longer feel like starting a family has doomed me, and my relationships with loved ones have also gotten better.


    She is my new Oprah!



    SAHM of 1

    Montreal, Quebec, Canada

    Business Planning

    ... I left our sessions feeling

    encouraged & revitalized.

    Coach Rita is phenomenal! She assisted me in laying the ground work for building my own business. In our weekly meetings, she asked the questions that helped to truly clarify my intention and my business objectives. Each week I left our sessions feeling encouraged and revitalized. She sent me weekly notes with the goals we set and it truly helped to hold me accountable and push me toward my goal.



    Entrepreneur, Mom of 2

    San Francisco, CA

    Chaotic Life

    (Rita) helped me develop different ways of dealing with anxiety, negativity, and ...  toxic elements in my life.

    I enrolled in Rita’s coaching program in an attempt to bring some order to my chaotic life. Rita was incredibly kind and caring, and helped me work through some of my toughest issues. She helped me develop different ways of dealing with anxiety, negativity, and helped me identify and remove some very toxic elements in my life. She guided me through goal setting in a way that made it easy to track and realize my progress throughout the coaching process.


    Rita was extremely flexible with my busy schedule and her rates are very affordable. I continue to use what I learned from her in my day to day life. I am able to work through my stress and worry much more effectively and am genuinely much happier. Coaching, literally, changed my life.



    Apartment Manager, Mom of 2

    Apex, NC


    If you’re ready for real change ... that will introduce you to your true self, then Rita is the coach for you.

    To say Rita is a God send is an understatement. Rita has helped me in many ways working through different challenges in my life (family, money, work, relationship), and every time I come to Rita with my head up in the sky and my thoughts all over the place, she manages to help me get through them a better man.


    We live in a society where a man should take care of his own issues, or talk to his bro’s to work through difficult situations. But ask yourself how many men actually call their ‘bro’ to discuss relationship problems, or finances, or even personal accountability.


    We, men, are taught to protect our ego and asking for help is a sign of weakness. Believing in that actually does a disservice for ourselves rather than helping.


    Rita is so knowledgeable and has walked me through each obstacle in my life. There is no judgment or condemnation because Rita creates a welcoming environment. After calming me down from the whirlwind of thoughts and emotions, Rita then directs my focus in the direction I should be going. She never condones or condemns any answers or decisions I make, but she asks questions to make me think of why I’m feeling such feelings.


    Rita then helps me come up with solutions; solutions I had within me yet had no skills to utilize them. Rita taught me such skills, skills that I now use in problem solving and every day encounters.


    With all the great things Rita does, there is one caveat. She is not a babysitter and will challenge you to take personal accountability and hold you to deadlines. The more you put into your personal transformation, the greater the results.


    Many of us have good intentions, yet we fail in following through. I have worked with Rita on creating schedules for better time management, to allow me time for work, school, and leisure time.


    She has helped me face one of my worst demons, my finances. I was of the mentality if I don’t see the debt, it isn’t really there. With Rita’s help I was able to face the truth and take a hard look at my finances and come up with realistic ways on tackling debt. We held weekly meetings and I had to share what progress I had.


    I consider myself religious and Rita incorporates religion if you so choose. I chose to do that and I’m so glad I had. Rita not only talks from her personal knowledge and expertise, but she ties things to God and His divine plan for us.


    I am forever grateful to Rita for changing my life and making me look at life and decisions differently.


    If you’re ready for real change, change that will introduce you to your true self, then Rita is the coach for you.



    Human Resource Professional

    Ontario, CA

  • The "How"

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    Goals Session

    If you are interested in exploring coaching as an option, then consider scheduling your Initial Goals Session for a reduced rate of $20. During this 50 minute session you will:

    ▪ Get a clear understanding of what you want.

    ▪ Clarify your intentions and solutions.

    ▪ Come up with an action plan.


    This session is FREE with any paid package!


    About Change

    For $55 per session, this

    package includes:

    ▪ A complimentary Initial Goals Session.

    ▪ Ten 50 minute individualized Coaching sessions.

    ▪ One weekly support email.

    ▪ Creatively engaging Coaching homework that will propel you towards growth and development.


    To Change

    For $50 per session, this package includes:

    ▪ A complimentary Initial Goals Session.

    ▪ Ten 50 minute individualized Coaching sessions.

    ▪ One weekly support email.

    ▪ Creatively engaging Coaching homework that will propel you towards growth and development.

    ▪ Two "floater" sessions for you to reserve when you want or need extra support.

    ▪ Coaching session reports


    Total Transformation

    For $48 per session, this package includes:

    ▪ A complimentary Initial Goals Session.

    ▪ Twelve 50 minute individualized coaching sessions.

    ▪ One weekly support email.

    ▪ Creatively engaging Coaching homework that will propel you towards growth and development.

    ▪ Three “floater” sessions for you to reserve when you feel you need the extra support.

    ▪ Coaching session reports.


    Peer Coaching

    Pricing is based on

    the size of the group


    ▪ The opportunity to coach and be coached.

    ▪ Shared experiences within a safe and confidential environment.

    ▪ New and refreshing perspectives from your peers, who are walking the same or similar Journey as you.

    ▪ Creatively engaging Coaching homework that will propel you towards growth and development.


    ▪ For 2 people =

    5% discount per person

    ▪ For 3 people =

    10% discount per person

    ▪ For 4 people =

    15% discount per person


    As Needed


    $60 per hour

    What is your need for coaching?  Is it to find more time in your day?  Perhaps a job related issue?  Or maybe the need for support, encouragement, and accountability? 


     “As Needed” coaching costs $60 per hour and does not require a monthly commitment.


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