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5 Ways To Show Your Self
Some Love

Without taking away from your family!

I don't know about you, but somehow there is ALWAYS something that feels more important and/or more urgent than taking care of myself.
At the end of the day, I'm a cranky, tired, slob of a human, and feel a bit resentful that another day has gone by that I haven't (insert Self-care regimen here).
If this even slightly resembles you, please know that you're not alone!  Your Life doesn't have to be this way if you're willing to make small and meaningful changes.
Read on for 5 easy ways that you can show your Self some Love without taking away time or resources from your family.  You can even enlist your big-little ones for some bonding with some of these!  
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1.  AM Exercise - Wake up half-hour earlier than the rest of your family to enjoy a 20 minute walk.  Too cold (or hot) outside? No problem (and no excuses!); walk around your house or apartment.  Be sure to take advantage of stairs - an optimal way to boost your heart rate and get your blood flowing. Early morning exercise boosts metabolism while suppressing your appetite, gives your energy, sets a positive tone for the day, and is an instant stress buster.
2.  Volunteer - Everybody wins! You get to spend time with your kids, you all walk away feeling better (altruism is scientifically proven to have a tremendously positive impact on both givers and receivers), and you can teach your little ones valuable lessons at the same time. Check out sites like ActivateGood.organd VolunteerMatch.orgto find a cause that falls in line with your values.

3. Pamper yourself - Paint your nails, steam your face, and/or soak your feet at least once per week! Pick any or all depending on the time you have available. The best way to make it happen? Choose one day and let it be your day to do these things each week - like a standing commitment to yourself!

4.  Set Boundaries - With yourself! Say what?! Yes, you read that right. Setting healthy boundaries with yourself, albeit difficult, is a super important part of Self care. Some healthy examples include: No cleaning after dark, except for ___ (tidying up? dishes? laundry?); or,  ___day/night is my time for me to ___ (steam my face, paint my nails, journal) without exception or interruptions. Establish boundaries and respect them, as you would expect others to respect them.

5.  Become a Tourist - When was the last time you did/saw/tried something new in your city or region? Exploring your area with your family is a great way to deepen bonds, see where you live, and learn new things. There are tons of free kid and family friendly events out there, not to mention tours, museums, hidden gems, and kids’ museums. A great place to start is, and also check out your city’s local webpage.

If you try any or all of these things, share your experiences and photos with the rest of us on the
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