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Why there may be something to this whole 'Adult Coloring Book' phenomenon

As Winter takes its time setting in, in some parts of the country, we are finding ourselves somewhat confused by whether we can get out of the house for some play time or should stay indoors.  
Cold days mean that mall play stations, kids' museums, heck, even science and history museums are all slammed with people looking to be outside-but-inside.  On the other hand, when it's not cold here it's often raining, which makes for a nice day at home (but not too many days in a row or that makes everyone run for Crazy Town).
So, what's a frazzled parent to do when kids are sick, schools are closed, and the weather is too crappy to get out?  
Get Creative!
As we grow older, most of us forget how to be Creative and have fun.  Our sidekick and bosom-buddy, Self-Critic, often eggs us on: "You don't have a Creative bone in you", "That's AWFUL! Do yourself a favor and don't show anybody or they'll laugh at you", or my personal favorite, "The picture on Pintrest was so much nicer/cuter/cooler and seemed like an easy project at the time.  What am I doing?!"
Well, I have news for you; Kids have the right idea!  They laugh, they play, the draw and paint and color, and they proudly ask for their work to be displayed on the refrigerator for all to see.  And, for the most part, kids are generally HAPPY!
That being said, we, as stressed, frazzled, overwhelmed, often confused and sleepless parents can learn a thing or two from our little ones by picking up a crayon, marker, or colored pencil and going to town on some scrap paper.  The results blissfully include special bonding time with our loved ones, beautiful imagery (quiet, Self-critic!), and a therapeutic Process that's sure to buy us some Peace in the hours following.
This, by no means, constitutes Art Therapy, which involves a therapeutic and confidential space with a trained and licensed therapist.  This, my friends, is art AS therapy (also a facet of Art Therapy), and I recommend each of you incorporate it into your hectic schedules at least once or twice a week for a happy, healthy YOU!
Choose Your Style.
Adult coloring books are all the rage these days, mostly presenting pages and pages of beautifully intricate Mandalas.  There are plenty of websites where you can print your own.  Or, you can do as I do, which is to just share coloring books and other printed images from J's stash and have a blast.  Although, that usually results in her eyeing my pages from the corner of her eye, then deciding she wants to "help" me color, ultimately ending in her capture of my paper for her own enjoyment.  That's okay with me; anything to make my big little one happy! <3
Choose Your Medium.
Each art medium illicits different emotional responses in each individual depending on where that person is emotionally at the time of their use.  In a nut shell, if you're finding yourself feeling stressed and overwhelmed by your kiddos or your day in general, pick up some materials that will help to loosen you up, such as finger paints!  When was the last time you really got your hands dirty with finger paints??
Cover up your workspace with sticky cling wrap, such as Glad Press 'N' Seal ®, so that clean-up is a cinch, and have a go at some real (messy) fun!
The most important thing is that you HAVE FUN and CONNECT with your children!  And, if you're feeling incredibly adventurous and Self-loving, upload your pictures to the Sublimation Coaching Facebook page to share with the rest of us! <3
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