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DIY: Last-Minute Gifts!

Hand-print ornaments with pictures

With Christmas just around the corner, some of us busy parents are finding ourselves scrambling for last-minute gifts (says this Mom who is usually beginning and ending her shopping on Christmas Eve, unless making cute gifts, like these!).
These were super fun to make (as noted in the pictures below) :D and SUPER easy!  We will continue the tradition as our family grows and our tree is full of beautifully hand-made ornaments. 
You will need 4 supplies:
Clear ornaments (glass or plastic - found at your local craft store)
Tinsel (I got this silver tinsel from Family Dollar)
Paint/brushes (and obviously, washcloth or paper towels for clean up)
1. Gently pop off the top of your ornament, exposing the inside.
2. Paint one hand of your child (or foot, if it fits) with a paint brush and gently press agains the ornament.  Careful not to press too hard, if using glass ornaments such as these, because they will break easily.
3. Snap tons of pictures hoping for at least a couple good ones to choose from for printing :)  These are wallet sized pictures.
4. Once the paint has dried and your photos are printed, tightly roll the photos and carefully slide them inside the ornament.
5. Stuff the ornament with tinsel until the tinsel compresses the photo and keeps it open.
6. Carefully place the top back onto the ornament, tie on ribbon of choice, and adorn your Christmas tree for years to come!
If you have a teeny-tiny sharpie or permanent marker, be sure to label the ornament with name, date, and age.  I wrote ours in red (so it's not too obtrusive) on the very bottom of each ornament.
Have yourselves a very Merry Christmas, Y'all!
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