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It Feels Good to Be Back!

So much has happened in the last six weeks that my head is spinning!  

ALL GOOD THINGS, thank The Lord!

We have been so Blessed, and I have much to be grateful for - now and always <3

For starters, we bought our first home! YAY! Moving with little ones is definitely a tough game, but manageable with a few tips.  Here are some things that have helped me recently:

1. Start packing early - Give yourself about 4 weeks and do a little bit every day.

2. Make a plan - When you will work? (Nap or night time? Early in the morning? School hours?)

3. Create a mental map - How will you make your way through your home? Where will packing begin? Where will it end?  This will help you maintain sanity and keep chaos (i.e. items being left behind or misplaced) to a minimum.

4. Have a schedule - Will you designate certain days of the week (or certain times of day) for packing and cleaning, and others for Self-care and rest?  Not keeping up with taking care of your Self will make the whole process rotten instead of enjoyable.

5. Create a routine - Moving is hard on everybody, and especially tiny little Souls who don't understand the concept. Create a routine of play, special time together, outdoor excursions, play dates, etc. that will help them know that they will soon be sleeping in a new bedroom, but not much else will be changing :) If you're super bold, have your kids help you pack up closets, drawers, and your pantry. They'll enjoy handing you items and playing with the boxes!

Equally as important but on a much smaller scale,

I have found myself swimming in a sea of opportunities for Sublimation Coaching!

I never imagined that so many joint ventures would, literally, plop down into my lap at the same time.  I'm definitely feeling excited, nervous, and super grateful!

I will be co-hosting three fitness workshops in April with fellow Health Coach Jenni McInnes at our kids' preschool.  

It will be a two-part workshop: Jenni is a Health & Integrative Nutrition and BeachBody Coach. She will be working us to the core with a 20-minute INSANITY work out!  YIKES!

I will be following up with six encouraging and supportive tips to help the participants get and stay fit.

We are so jazzed about the overwhelming support from the preschool director- she has asked us to repeat the workshop for the staff, as well as the parents!

I have been asked to write a content piece on being a Mompreneur!

The exceptionally talented and creative founder of Brilliant Abundance, Corinn Marquis, has asked me to write a piece for a newsletter in her four-part #BEAbundantLove series.

Brilliant Abundance utilizes the B.A.C.Q. 2 Healing Journey, which focuses on healing through personal development and spiritual wholeness, targeting crisis intervention organizations and women ages 18-36, identifying as survivors of violence.

The eloquent and inspiring invitation asked me to “show other women that wearing many hats can be trying, but always equates to joy, uplift, and love.”, in addition to “inspire the Mompreneurs who feel they cannot do it anymore … while sowing seeds of empowerment for those who many not be mothers, for fear of not being able to ‘do it all’”.

Be sure to sign up here to read about some pretty inspirational women and their Journeys. It is definitely not too late to catch up on the four, plus the bonus issue.  There is also a retreat in 2017, so check it out!

Thank you for being dedicated followers and readers! I will be posting updates for these big events, and a big health Journey I'll be embarking on soon.

What are some changes, challenges, and opportunities that have presented in your Life lately? How are you responding to them?

Share with us in the comments below, or on the SC Facebook page.

And, as usual, if you would like some guidance, feedback, or support on your Journey, please reach out any time!

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