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Keeping Cool From The Inside Out:

A wholistic Summer survival guide

It's HOT!

There's no denying it here in the South where the temperatures are soaring in the mid- to high 90s and the humidity index is just about as high.

There are plenty of ways to stay cool, traditionally including: swimming, drinking lots of water and other refreshing drinks, and staying indoors.

But what do we do when those things just don't cut it? No pool, you say; your AC is overworking to maintain a comfortable temperature; maybe you're feeling bored with your flat drinking water.

As temperatures rise, our patience and temperament plummet because of Pitta. According to ancient Indian Ayurvedic medicine, Pitta Dosha (one of three Doshas) governs all heat, metabolism, and energy transformations in the Mind and Body.

The Pitta Dosha controls how we digest foods and metabolize sensory perceptions, as well as governing the "agnes", or fires of the body.

It sounds to me like keeping my Pitta Dosha

in check this Summer will do me a lot of good!

Fear not, my friends!

There are so many ways to keep cool from the inside out, and here is your quick and simple guide to get you through the remainder of the hot and humid months this year.

Cooling Yoga:

You don't have to be a Yoga fanatic to attempt these simple moves.  They are "opening" positions, which will naturally keep you cool.

Waterfall Pigeon

1. Waterfall Pigeon: Releases tension in the hips, brings movement into the Spine and breath into the body, which calms the Nervous system.

How to do it: Start in Pigeon pose, with right knee forward and left leg back. Place fingertips beside your hips and inhale into a mild back bend.

Breathing Goddess

Breathing Goddess: Stimulates the Parasympathetic Nervous system, which runs the "rest & digest" systems of the body, bringing you into balance.

How to do it: Lie on your back in Goddess pose -- soles of feet together and knees bent, falling away from each other to form a diamond shape.

Taming the Lion

Taming the Lion: Releases excess "fire" and relieves face and jaw tension.

How to do it: Bend your knees and lift your arms overhead, keeping your pose soft.

Belly Savasana

Belly Savasanna​: Soothes and grounds, allowing you to let go of tension in the belly and reconnect your center to the Earth.

How to do it: Lie on your belly with elbows out to the sides, one cheek on the floor. Rest for five (5) minutes. If you have low-back discomfort, flip over, or push back into Child's pose (knees folded under, upper body and forehead on floor).

Cooling Foods:

According to Ayurvedic tradition, cooling foods include sweeter fruits and bitter vegetables. To tame the heat from the inside out, steer clear of spices like ginger, cinnamon, and anything with natural heat such as chili or paprika, and bust out the cooling spices.

Cooling spices you likely already have in your kitchen include Mint, Fennel seed, Saffron, Cilantro, and Cardamom. Help yourself by avoiding excess caffein, sugar, and process foods, as these will create more heat in your body.

Recipe: Cooling Cardamom Custard with Berry Crisp

The Good Lord designed our terrain and climate to provide us with exactly what we need; foods that naturally cool you on the inside are also seasonal in warmer months! Read: leafy greens, berries, mushrooms, bananas, avocados, and melons. So, eat up and enjoy!

Essential Oils:

Oils of essence are all the craze right now, and for good reason! There are countless articles floating across the internet about how these bad boys, when extracted the best way and used correctly, can create small miracles.

Everything from insomnia to hormonal/endocrine imbalances can be remedied by a drop or two of the right extract, with or without a carrier oil to dilute it.

Naturally cooling oils of essence include: Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Lemon, and Clary Sage. 

 Lavender and vanilla (blended together or standing alone) are great for stress relief and insomnia. Sweet Orange is energizing, Tea Tree oil is anti septic and anti bacterial (considering making some "clean" hand sanitizer? Look no further!), and Citronella will help you keep those mosquitos at bay for at least 2-4 hours per application.

Looking to keep cool all throughout your busy day? Consider buying an essential oil necklace and adding a drop of your favorite oil. 

I bought this beauty from local artisan, Shelly Levine. The piece is made from porous ceramic clay. I just add one drop of my favorite scent to the back, which is not glazed, and the scent stays with me all day long!

You can check out Shelly's inventory, or have her custom make your own necklace (or other special pieces) by contacting her directly (use 'Clay Jewelry Inquiry' in the subject line).

Depending on the type and style of your jewelry your skin may absorb the oil. I recommend choosing a brand that you can trust, and please, please, please read the instructions on each bottle of essence. some oils must be diluted (such as lemon), while others can go straight from the bottle to your skin.

What are some of your favorite ways to cool off? Do you have a favorite cooling food or spice that you live by in the summertime? Comment below or on my Facebook page!

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