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The How-To Guide:
Warm Water with Lemon

I've received such a remarkable response to my post on warm water with lemon that I had to follow up with this how-to guide for anyone thinking of giving it a try :)
One friend, who seemed a little skeptical at first, said she would give it a try for 3 weeks.  On day 2 she excitedly messaged me to tell me that the elixir instantly cleared her stubborn sinus infection!  She went on to drink it multiple times a day and felt great!
So, here's the official how-to guide for anyone considering bringing this magical drink into their morning routine.
What You Will Need:
1 8-oz mug
8-oz water (room temperature to boiling is OK)
2 Tbsp fresh squeezed lemon juice
1. If using room temperature water, simply add your lemon juice and enjoy.
2. If using boiling water, slowly and carefully sip as it cools, but drink before it cools too much.  You want it at a happy, warm place.
3. If your body is extra sensitive, try not to stray too far from a friendly bathroom, as this drink can flush your system for an instant cleanse.
If you happen to be a breakfast skipper, rinse your mouth out with water before brushing your teeth.  This prevents the acid from being worked into your enamel.  If you like to eat before you go, then much away and brush as usual.
Enjoy!  Please post comments, thoughts, questions, and experiences on the SC Facebook page!
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